Present; Mikaela Sundbaum TD World Cup – Cross country, Mike Norton Ass TD World Cup – Cross Country, Erland Husom Ass TD NAT World Cup – Cross Country, Torbjørn Broks Pettersen Chief of Race, Øyvind Nyborg NRK

• Nyborg: Ready for the production, it can be really nice pictures. Same camera positions as like Beitosprinten, except of two small changes. If the Jury have some remarks at the camera position down at Abbortjern, they tell Øyvind.
• Coaching zones ok.
• No Ski doers in the course Sunday morning.
• Tracks on skiers left. ,
• Report from OC: Courses is ready| some narrow parts. For the official training tomorrow; 2 classic tracks on the skiers left.
Stadium is set, now we are down to detail levels.
• We can re groom on Saturday, tracks ready from 16.00, if questions.
• Test area: We can set 2 tracks.
• Groom late tonight.
• Feeding zones will be marked for tomorrow.
• Forerunners open and close the course

Jury decision:
• The Jury inspected the 7,5 km alternative, and decided to NOT use it!