The Americans are handing the relay over to the Norwegians.

During the Closing Banquet, the Chief of Competition in Minneapolis, Nels E. Dyste, deliver on the WMA Flag to the representative of Øystre Slidre Idrettslag, the next years organizer, Ernst Løksa. The Masters World Cup in 2019 will take place in Beitostølen, Norway from 6th to 15th of March and the organizer are planning for 1200 participants from
over 25 nations.

At the moment there are 1,60 meters of snow in Beitostølen and very good skiconditions. «We are looking forward to see all the athletes taking part in Minneapolis here next year in Beitostølen, and if everyone of you taking with you a friend we will easily reach our goal on 1200 participants!», says a enthusiastic Secretary General, Erik Østli, in Beitostølen.


Secretary General Mr. Erik Østli Mob. +47 916 27 540
Chief of Race Mr. Per Nymoen  Mob. +47 913 98 200
Chief of course Mr. Geir Atle Kjørli  Mob. +47 911 05 265
Chief of stadium Mr. Kjell Berge Melbybråten
(The local Mayor)
Mob. +47 906 62 193
Race Secretary Mr. Tor Erik Nyquist Mob. +47 410 46 827
Chief of Logistics Mr. Erik Østli
Chief of Accomodation Ms. Ragnhild Bakken Mob. +47 913 68 960
Chief of Finance Mr. Einar Hegge Mob. +47 908 31 324
Start- and finish organization EQ Timing
Price supplier Hadeland glassverk


Beitostølen is a small village up in the Norwegian mountains, well known for its capability to organize sports-events in different types of sports. Since 1985 we have organized the norvegian season opening in cross country every year, as a three days competition fully covered by the Norwegian national Broadcaster, NRK.

The company, Øystre Slidre Idrettsarrangement AS, is fully owned by the local sports club, Øystre Slidre Idrettslag, to organize sports events. The sports club also owns Beitostølen Stadion AS, which owns and maintain the ski-stadium. The last five years we have stored snow over summer under saw-dust, and guarantee 5 K cross-country competition tracks from November 1st every year.

Beitostølen, Øystre Slidre Community, Norway
820 m above sea level
3200 inhabitants



The nearest international Airport is Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) which operate  all major European airlines and the biggest American and Asian airlines.


From downtown Oslo, Beitostølen is operated by an Express Bus Line (6 x Daily).

Transport Airport-Lodgings

The organizer will be helpful to organize transportation by charterbus from the airport to Beitostølen when larger groups arrives. Otherwise we suggest the
competitor to use public transportation or rental car. Est. Travel Expences Transport cost (as of jan 2017) is app €75.- each way by public transportation. Charterbus organized by the organizer will be sligthly cheaper depending on how many people arriving at the same time

Car Rental

All major car Rental companies are situated in Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) airport

Distance Lodging-Stadium

There is a maximum distance of 1,5 K from the lodgings to the stadium and most of the athletes will be going there by feet. Although the organizer will provide a shuttle-bus going every 15 minute from the lodgings to the stadium.


Category A (Hotel with meals)

Radisson BLU Resort (dbl/sgl rooms/apartments) (260)
Bergo Hotel (dbl/sgl rooms/apartments) (190)
Grønolen Fjellgard (4 km from stadium) (dbl/sgl rooms/apartments) (44)

Category B (Apartments with meals)

Stølstunet (apartment) (290)
Beitostølen Leilighetshotel (apartments) (150)
Fjellstølen Leiligheter (apartments) (30)
Bitihorn Leiligheter (apartments) (56)
Grønolen Leiligheter (apartments) (28)

Category C (Chalets with meals)

Hovi hytter (chalets) (72)
Bergo Hytter (chalets) (158)
Beitostølen Hyttepark (chalets) (24)
Gjestegaarden Apartments (60)
Bookingservice AS (High Class Chalets) (600)
Bitigrenda (Chalets) (100)
Knut’s Hyttegrend (chalets) (120)
Beitostølen Camping og hytter (Chalets) (60)

Category D (Apartment and Chalets under cat. B and cat. C without meals)


Tuesday 5.3
09.00-12.00 Course open
Wednesday 6.3
09.00-12.00 Unofficially Training
Thursday 7.3
09.00-12.00 Official training17.00 TCM20.00 Opening ceremony
Friday 8.3
09.00 Middle distance Classic17.00 TCM18.00 Price giving ceremony
Saturday 9.3
09.00 Middle distance Free17.00 TCM18.00 Price giving ceremony
Sunday 10.3
09.00 Short distanse Classic13.00 Short distance Free18.00 Price giving ceremony20.00 Athletes Reception
Monday 11.3
RestdaySports Convention exhibition & clinics (Swix, Madshus, Rottefella, Bjørn Dæhlie, Ulvang, Johaug, LillSport), (Anders Aukland, Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeseth, Vegard Ulvang, Ine Wigernæs etc) Beitostølen Healthsportscenter17.00 TCM
Tuesday 12.3
09.00 Relays17.00 TCM18.00 Price giving ceremony
Wednesday 13.3
09.00 Long distance Classic17.00 TCM18.00 Price giving ceremony
Thursday 14.3
09.00 Long distance Free18.00 Price giving ceremony20.00 Closing ceremony
Friday 15.3
Departure Day
Saturday 16.3
The Birkebeiner Race 56K Classic