Present; Mikaela Sundbaum TD World Cup – Cross country, Mike Norton Assistant TD World Cup – Cross Country, Erland Husom Assistant TD NAT World Cup – Cross Country, Torbjørn Broks Pettersen Chief of Race, Pierre Mignerey FIS Race Director, Michal Lamplot FIS Assistant Race Director

• Report from OC: Grooming done between 1-4 am. The course looks good. The plan was to set the stadium prepared for Relay. Due to some misunderstandings it’s now 1.8 m between the tracks on the stadium, should have been 1.2 m.
• Exchange without tracks, set up sign with “Exhange and Lapping!
• Course: Some small adjustments will be made according track setting to Sunday, also marking will be adjusted.
• We can cut the wooden V boards in two.
• We will have technique zones on Sunday, will be marked
• Ski doo access routes are planned.
• No Ski doos in the course Sunday.
• OC meeting at 4 pm. The Jury can have a meeting with the groomer before that, if preferred.
• Next Jury meeting tomorrow morning at 7.30 am