Present; Mikaela Sundbaum TD World Cup – Cross country, Mike Norton Assistant TD World Cup – Cross Country, Erland Husom Assistant TD NAT World Cup – Cross Country, Torbjørn Broks Pettersen Chief of Race, Pierre Mignerey FIS Race Director, Michal Lamplot FIS Assistant Race Director
• Report from OC: Groomed 22 pm last night, and started again 5 am. Ready 6.45. It’s a little soft now, but it will set. Marking is done. Swiss timing had a Ski doo in the course, they will NOT do this tomorrow morning. Looking forward to the race.
• Have changed feeding zone 3, some meters.
• The signs for the tracks for tomorrow will be brushed off.
• BIB nr 30, Knudsen, Tiril Liverud, NOR: Her FIS points shown in the start list is the Sprint points instead of Distance points
• Next Jury meeting after the men’s race

Jury decision
• The Finish team asked for a substitute in Ladies race due to sickness.
Confirmation from Medical doctor and name of the athletes were given to the Jury and brought to Swiss timing.
Athlete out: Saapunki, Susanna
Athlete in: Kylloenen, Anne.
The jury approved the substitution.
Article used: ICR 313.4.1