Present; Mikaela Sundbaum TD World Cup – Cross country, Mike Norton Assistant TD World Cup – Cross Country, Erland Husom Assistant TD NAT World Cup – Cross Country, Torbjørn Broks Pettersen Chief of Race, Pierre Mignerey FIS Race Director

• Report from the Chief of competition; Two good races.
• Next Jury meeting is Sunday morning at 8.30 am

Jury decisions

• Bib nr 52 Niskanen, Iivo, FIN get Verbal Reprimand according to ICR 315.2.3: The poles must be placed in front of the starting line and/or starting gate.

According to the relays:

• 5 start tracks
• Technique zones ; 1 for Women and 2 for Men
• Overlapping; ICR 343.14 will be used